mercoledì 17 giugno 2009

"Clean Mountains"

International Ecological Action "Clean Mountains"

With the bounds of International Ecological Action “Clean Mountains” in protection of Lenin Peak, from 25th of June to 31st of August International Ecological Base Camp “Achik-Tash” is starting its work.

Lenin Peak (7134 m.) is found to be the most popular among 7000 meters high peaks on the territory of ex-Soviet Union. During 50 years of its assimilation by mountaineers, glacier itself was undergone by intensive anthropogenic influence, due to what a lot of domestic garbage along the whole length of classical route has formed. Tour operators of Kyrgyz Republic joint with Independent Ecological Expertise with the assistance of WIN=WIN, Mammut, Governmental agency of preservation of the environment and forest management under Government of Kyrgyz Republic from 25th of June to 31st of August, year 2009 are providing International Ecological Action of cleaning Lenin Peak from domestic garbage under the name “Clean Mountains”.

Program of action includes:

1. Cleaning activity from garbage on the territory of Camp2 (5300 m) and territory of Camp1 (4200 m); installation of containers (for rubbish) on the territory of base camps; installation of informative stands.
2. Ascension to Lenin Peak

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